Căn hộ 1 phòng ngủ Alpha Hill loại 1F

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  •  38.73m2

Tổng quan:

  • Smart Units – can maximize the usable areas in a small space with multifunction
  • Efficient Micro Units with CBD view
  • Spacious Micro Unit with additional balcony
  • High rental yield
  • Easy to resell for those who enjoy the outdoor living space
  • Having full-set of separated wardrobe for his & her.
  • Kitchen is separated with Living/ Bedroom space
  • Perfectly square shape that not be conflicted by structure pillars, bring best narutal light to the whole room and best layout for decoration.
  • Extra pull-out bed for kids / Guests
  • Having a bathtub
  • Most efficient layout for the Micro Unit

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Thông tin cơ bản:

Phòng ngủ: 1
Phòng tắm: 1
Diện tích: 38.73m2
Dự án: Alpha Hill
  • Chỗ đậu xe
  • Sân nướng BBQ
  • Thang máy
  • Hồ bơi
  • Phòng tập gym
  • Công viên
  • Bảo vệ 24/7
  • Sân chơi trẻ em
  • Sân bóng
  • Nhà trẻ